Our Previous Programs

Reward Program

July 9, 2014 admin
YPN has organized a reward program to young tourism entrepreneurs in 2013/08/13 in Kathmandu.YPN has organized this kind of program for the first time

Interaction Program in Kathmandu

July 9, 2014 admin
YPN has organized a youth interaction program in 2012/02/10 in Kathmandu about meaningful participation of youths.

Referendum Program

July 9, 2014 admin
YPN has a arranged referendum program in 2011/02/10 in Kathmandu.

2 Days District Youth Conference
July 6, 2014 admin
Our first program was successfully finished in Dhading district.

Report of Global Youth Peace Conference 2018

   13th -14th January Acknowledgement Youth Parliament Nepal would like to express its heartfelt...

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१३ निर्देशक आबश्यक

युथ पार्लियामेण्ट नेपाललाई  समय अनुकुल चुस्त, दुरुस्त र प्रभावकारी बनाउन बिभिन्न बिधामा १३ जना...

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Leadership and personality development

Youth Parliament Nepal has set a platform to uplift every youth of the nation;...

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Tourism Parliament

Tourism is the most important component of development. It has become an important area...

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