Message From President

Youth parliament Nepal provides space and skills to the youth with no affair what milieu or corridor you have walked up until now, It welcomes you to make constructive change together. It is a non-political program based on the key aims of leadership, advocacy, parliamentary education, motivational training, and awareness for positive amend, to introduce young people together, foster them for democracy, equip with debating skills, stimulate to present their own thoughts and listen to those of others, operated them to create effective change and empower them to become advocates, change – maker and mobilizer in their communities. Youth Parliament Nepal is making efforts to unite and structure youths nationwide as a power that will enhance peace and prosperity.


Diwakar Aryal


Leadership and personality development

Youth Parliament Nepal has set a platform to uplift every youth of the nation;...

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Youth SAARC Regional Conference

Youth SAARC Regional Conference was held on 24th-25th of April 2017 was organized by...

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Global Youth Conference

Every year we organize Global Youth Conference based on various burning  international as well...

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Referendum Program

The demand for promulgation of constitution through constituent assembly was first raised in 1950...

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