Message from General Secretary

YPN does not reason, it acts. It works not only for ‘Means’ but for ‘Ends’ that can offer the plans and visions for the youth empowerment and sustainable development of the nation. It believes that to confront the challenges of our communities is to make an action for a change, and the democracy of the nation will sustain only by ensuring them politically, socially and mentally ready for tomorrow’s leaders of the nation. To achieve these goals, it fosters leadership, motivates, train our groups to enhance the capacity among our participants and provides them an enriching skill that prepares for community organizing, advocacy and service delivery. Its effort to unite and structure youths nationwide as a power will enhance peace and prosperity along with sustainable development.



Report of Global Youth Peace Conference 2018

   13th -14th January Acknowledgement Youth Parliament Nepal would like to express its heartfelt...

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१३ निर्देशक आबश्यक

युथ पार्लियामेण्ट नेपाललाई  समय अनुकुल चुस्त, दुरुस्त र प्रभावकारी बनाउन बिभिन्न बिधामा १३ जना...

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Leadership and personality development

Youth Parliament Nepal has set a platform to uplift every youth of the nation;...

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Tourism Parliament

Tourism is the most important component of development. It has become an important area...

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