Good Governance and Leadership development

Good Governance and Leadership development, Our major concern of program is to maintain rule of law and order in the nation through capacity development as well  as leadership.

Youth Program and Activity on Climate Change

YPN works for preserve and protect the ecology and natural heritage by following global  treaties and policies formulated by concerned organizations.

Sustainable Development Goals

We work under the values and themes of United Nations’ sustainable Development Goals, and promote to achieve the target by mobilizing and involving the various sectors and classes of youth.

Report of Global Youth Peace Conference 2018

   13th -14th January Acknowledgement Youth Parliament Nepal would like to express its heartfelt...

१३ निर्देशक आबश्यक

युथ पार्लियामेण्ट नेपाललाई  समय अनुकुल चुस्त, दुरुस्त र प्रभावकारी बनाउन बिभिन्न बिधामा १३ जना...

Leadership and personality development

Youth Parliament Nepal has set a platform to uplift every youth of the nation;...

Tourism Parliament

Tourism is the most important component of development. It has become an important area...