“Asian Youth Inspiration Award 2018”


For the last 3 years Youth Parliament Nepal has been honoring dynamic personalities from the diverse field with “Youth Inspiration Award”. With clear instruction and selection procedures the Award has been given to the individuals that have contributed immensely in their respective countries and societies politically, socially or economically. With strict set of rules and guidelines YPN declares the awardees after receiving recommendations from the selection committee. The award is honored to one individual from one country annually. This award from Nepal has been given to many countries so far. It is Asia’s premier award and award is presented to them in inauguration session of “Asian Youth Assembly 2018”on 11 August.


The objective of this award is to inspire individuals from around the globe and recognize their contribution that has added value to the creative endeavors in serving humanity.

Selection Criteria:

An autonomous selection committee formed by YPN decides the awardees based upon the application and by also conducting its own external research and recommendations.
The award committee decision is taken as the final decision for the selection.


  1. The nominee must have been engaged in social work.
  2. The nominee must be a confirmed delegate of Asian Youth Assembly 2018.

How to Nominate:

Nominee has to submit his/her CV / resume, short biography about his life & work at parliamentnepal@gmail.com or asianyouthassembly@gmail.com

Application Date line:

27 July, 2018

Age Barrier:

There is no age barrier to receive the award. Anyone can be eligible to receive the award.


This award is an international recognition for the noble work. Hence, the award consists of Maiden as well as metal framed certificate. This award is a token of appreciation for the selfless dedication of individuals in making the positive change in their communities. It is our way of expressing THANK YOU for the great deeds.

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