About Us

About Us

Youth Parliament Nepal is making an effort to unite and structure youths nationwide to enhance peace and economic prosperity. Youths throughout all districts of Nepal have been embarking on setting up regional and district chapters. Innovative, creative, energetic, accountable, transparent and visionary youths are invited to join hands to build a better Nepal.


Youth Parliament, Nepal is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization is politically, religiously unbound non-profit organization which boost up the voice of youth and encourage them to actively engage in various contemporary socio-political movement. It is a social movement run by Nepalese youth aged between 16-40.

Our mission is to support the development of young people into a politically aware and responsible citizen by involving them in socio-political thinking and promoting intercultural understanding. k

YPN is a common platform of all classes, castes, minorities, ethnics, women, gender, culture, religion etc. It is a socio-political movement which supports young people and facilitates the learning of socio-political and cultural issues. It plays the role of a bridge to connect youths all over the nation.

Our Mission

Youth Parliament Nepal provides a forum for the youths nationwide for the unity as well as empowering them to actively participate in nation building through leadership, innovation and creativity.


  1. To motivate, train    and nurture leadership, citizenship, capacity and ability for governance in Nepalese youth.
  2. To insure youth politically, socially and mentally ready for tomorrow’s leadership of the nation.
  3. To develop character and strengthen moral fiber in the youth of Nepal.
  4. To foster, tolerance, ingenuity, moderation and self-reliance among   the Nepalese youth.
  5. To inculcate, effective, transparent    and democratic values in youth of Nepal


YPN was established in 2010 and founded by Mr. Diwakar Aryal, as a socio-political movement in Dhading District (Near Kathmandu Valley) which included 116 members.The YPN is a well networked organization with teams in about 41 districts by 2012. The organization experienced an enduring growth for the next two years with additional districts being added into the network.

The aims of YPN are to:

  • Uplift the voice and issues of Nepalese youth.
  • Encourage Nepalese youths; motivate and train them to get involved in socio-political movement.
  • Meaningful participation of energetic youths for nation building.
  • Launch awareness program to root out the traditional believes and customs which are still prevalent in a conservative Nepal.
  • To uncover the suppressed voices of Nepalese youths.
  • Provide a space in which young people of Nepal can express their opinions, views and ideas.
  • Spread the movement of YPN in all 75 districts of Nepal to mobilize youths in various productive fields and social work.

Our exercises have measurable impacts;

  • Youth participation on socio-political movement will have been increased and uplifted.
  • Youth will have been encouraged to give priority to team work rather than on an individual.
  • Youths will have been improved, responsible and reliable leadership will be raised.
  • Traditional and cultural believes and customs will have been reduced and   root outed.
  • In our regular evaluation, more than 80% of our participants indicate that they have increased their skills, capacity and even more feel prepared to be an active Nepalese citizen.
  • High ranking seniors, lectures, politicians, human right activist, social activist, advocates regularly visit our events providing
  • The media supports and reports heavily on our events and movements.

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